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Send an email to with ALL of the following information:

  • Three main things you'd like to discuss
  • A brief summary of your diagnosis journey
  • Disesases you with which you are currently diagnosed
  • IMPORTANT:  All medications you are on 
    • Name of medicine (please list SSRIs and birth control hormones) and dosage
    • Time you take the dosage
    • Names of ALL over the counter supplements and the time of day that you take them
  • Time, your time zone and date you would like to talk
  • Amount of time you'd like to talk

I will return your email and request all of your most recent labs as well as set up a mutually agreeable time and date to meet.

I accept Paypal and I charge $30 per hour.  You can pay up front or I can bill you.  Average cost is $30-$90 depending upon your situation and questions.   If you are financially challenged, please let me know what you can barter.